The awakening is upon us.

Our oppressors require large amounts of negative energy to maintain their comfortable environment. They know their end is near as they trip over themselves to keep up with theories, which are easily exposed as ludicrous with modern technology.

As more people wake up, and begin resonating at a higher frequency, we all come closer to unified harmony; leading to experiences we could have never conceived alone.

The key to individual awakenings is Flat Earth. There is simply no repeatable scientific evidence which supports the globe earth theory. When 1% (72,000,000) of the world’s alleged population have been made aware that the earth is flat, they will make sure the other 99% find out.

We know the truth.
We have the ultimate power.
It’s up to us to change the world.

What is this?

This is A Mass Awakening Project (AMAP). We dedicate our time to exposing the globe earth fallacy on an individual level; in order to achieve future enlightenment on a universal level.

How’s universal enlightenment going to happen?

By taking action on plans.

Taking action on a plan which has been formed from ideas curated by a group of individuals resonating at a high frequency is the method of achieving any goal.

So, what’s the plan?

Phase 1 – Fundraising.
Phase 2 – Physically move out of the system.
Phase 3 – Document and promote flat earth evidence.
Phase 4 – Experience mass awakening.

How is the project funded?

By maintaining and expanding this website I hope to reach enough of the community to fund the project through donations.

Where are you moving to?

Bulgaria – more info coming

What are you going to do there?

Invite a team of talented, like minded individuals. Together we’ll produce and promote Flat Earth content on a scale to reach 1% of the population.

About me.

  • Personal development – physical, mental, spiritual.
  • Meditate / pray / resinate.
  • Interest in “free” energy.
  • Almost vegan.
  • Haven’t owned a television for a decade.

Please feel free to leave questions in the comments.

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